Nine Ways Blockchain is Changing Businesses

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9 ways blockchain is changing business

It is essential that companies keep up and evolve, to avoid competitive problems in the future.

9 Ways blockchain is disrupting businesses.

Fortunately there is still time to analyze these kind of changes that crypto and blockchain technology bring:

1️. Customer Segments: New kid on the block: Anonymous Customer

2️. Value Proposition: Propositions based on currency, payment infrastructure, smart contracts, digital identities, verifiable data, shared storage and compute power.

3️. Customer Relationships: New decentralized world where customers get paid for their attention and data.

4️. Channels: New ways of exchanging information and values using tokenization.

5️. Revenue Streams: New way to “carry” data and info open new doors to new revenue streams.

6️. Key Activities: Radical change in some business processes. Adapt or die.

7️. Key Resources: New way to find, engage and pay freelance resources in the enterprises.

8️. Key Partners

9️. Cost Structure: Blockchain enable organizations to streamline their cost structure in many ways, often by cutting out intermediaries


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