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We work with sports teams, athletic federations, and large-scale venues interested in ensuring their fans and supporters have the best possible experience. With OARO ADMIT, physical scalping becomes impossible and unauthorized resales are tracked and prevented, giving your venue a clear line of sight into each and every person who steps through your doors.

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How it Works

User accesses camera via SMS web link or insurer's app
Certificate is issued with an unfakeable record of user ID, content, timestamp, and GPS coordinates
User accesses camera via SMS web link or insurer's app
User accesses camera via SMS web link or insurer's app


Reduced time and cost associated with claims processing and management by up to 90%

Decreased instances of fraud

Improved process digitalization and customer experience and satisfaction

Improved process efficiency

Reduced number of adjuster site visits

Case Study

Streamlining Home Insurance Claims

A photo verification solution that resulted in significant reduction in operating expenses

Efficient claims management and improving the customer experience is a high priority for insurers.

Historically the process of authenticating insurance claims has been arduous and involved high staff costs. Adjusters needed to visit sites in person to verify the damage claimed and customers could not easily review the adjuster’s records.

OARO MEDIA enables users real time self-service for claims, remotely authenticating geolocated video/pictures, with the security of blockchain cryptography. Put simply, all parties have instant, transparent and trustworthy information at all stages of the claim.

About the Client

Note. Due to the confidential nature of some of our projects, we’ve omitted the client’s name. For references to further details, please contact us directly.

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