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ECO-NFT for Gaming

We provide the tools and the complete system so that video game creation studios can implement gaming and monetization functionalities based on NFTs such as “play to earn”.

At OARO we not only establish the communication channel between your game and the NFT marketplace, but we also help you define exclusive features and digital assets that you can exchange between all the games under the same name, using eco friendly NFT technology.


OARO Eco-NFT for games, technology at your fingertips to easily implement a new monetization and fun model.

Improvement of weapons and special Powers. Evolution and combination of NFTs to generate more valuable ones.

Fan Art auctions. Weekly improvements and new features. Advanced NFT Management & Statistics Panel.

Quick API integration. All functionalities included within your game as well. 100% custom design.



A White label gaming solution. Full API integration for special gaming features.

OARO Eco-NFT gaming will change it all!

Oaro ECO-NFT Gaming is a flexible, simple solution specifically designed so that developer studios can set their own rules. We offer an NFTs management panel to give them full control of the content and special features for the creation of NFT Powerups instantly and their evolution based on milestones.

All this including the option to pay with crypto or Fiat and with easy integration into their game, on all platforms.

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The World's Most Eco-Efficient Blockchain

Regular NFT Generation

48kg CO2 emissions
(1 ostrich)


0.0002kg CO2 emissions
(2 feathers)

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