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Why OARO Identity?

We connect people to their identities using advanced facial recognition, simplifying processes for leading enterprise-sized businesses across all verticals. OARO IDENTITY is an end-to-end solution enabling user authentication and authorization across devices, business lines, and organizational boundaries – reducing cost and complexity while improving overall user experience and security.

Mobile enrollment process

User records a live image of their face for identity verification.
Scans photo ID for validation and data extraction.
OARO IDENTITY® analyzes face image and ID to verify authenticity of document and a positive match.
Registration Complete – biometric record securely stored and certified using the OARO IDENTITY® blockchain.

Key Features

OARO IDENTITY® provides the following key capabilities:
And most important…

We fit into your world!

OARO IDENTITY® offers a flexible and scalable solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing platforms and applications. Accelerating the introduction of digital identity and biometrics into your business processes.



Simplified identification across all business lines and applications

Reduced risk associated with lost or stolen keycards or badges

Heightened system integrity

Reduced administration costs

Seamless onboarding and login with our passwordless approach to the user experience

Improved cybersecurity through advanced cryptography

Increased cross-selling revenues

Advanced biometric authentication via web portals and mobile apps

Customized rules for form filling, signing, and validation

Improved security spend efficiency

Case Study


OARO is working with WestJet to streamline the passenger identity verification process.

OARO is working with WestJet on the “Airport of the Future” project where they are introducing biometric boarding into the passenger journey. 

OARO provides “ID Proofing” services where we allow the travelling guest to authenticate their ID document and perform a digital face matching service to ensure the customer is truly the person shown on the ID document

With the recent impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic, airlines and airports are accelerating their digital strategies to ensure health and safety are at the forefront of operations. This includes advancing Digital Identity (DID) strategies where passengers can register and confirm their identity, and travel eligibility, while they are still in the comfort of their own home. 

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