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OARO powers businesses around the world to create secure & frictionless experiences for their customers.  

We are also a global provider of enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions.

Trusted by some of the world’s largest private and public sector organisations, our solutions are used across; Aviation, Pharma, Sports, Retail, Financial & Government sectors.

One leading edge eco-friendly Blockchain API

Two areas of focus, plenty of relevant applications and use cases

Digital ID for People

Solutions Powered by OARO API


We help you manage the digital identities of your stakeholders and control their access to your organization’s physical and digital assets.

OARO Identity

Secure facial recognition software streamlines contractor and employee onboarding, as well as digital ID account creation

OARO Comply

Create assurance for your quality management program with inalterable records

OARO Access

A secure entry solution that uses advanced facial recognition to eliminate key cards

OARO Admit

A paperless ticketing solution that allows you to control secondary markets, and improve the fan experience

OARO Media

Verify the authenticity of photos and videos with immutable timestamps, GPS coordinates, and user identity information


Our technology certifies digital assets driven by a leading edge eco-friendly Blockchain API


OARO’s NFT proposition is driven by our same best in class blockchain technology with innovative applications.

Financial Services

OARO is working with global financial institutions to digitise and revolutionise commodities trading. Our technology underpins the tokenisation of commodities, from agriculture and precious metals to CFDs, Derivatives & Futures trading.


OARO is powering video game creation studios to implement gaming and monetisation functionalities - based on NFTs such as 'play to earn'


The Eco-NFTs applied to the sale of tickets, assure the primary and secondary buyer the originality and validity of the ticket, and ensures profits in each change of ownership.


OARO is partnering with elite sports teams from around the world to digitise and create amazing fan experiences. From Basketball to Football, we're powering a new generation of sports fan.


Our blockchain tech ensures our NFT DIPLOMAS can be easily created & securely exchanged. Find out how we are revolutionising Education.

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OARO creates highly secure, enterprise-grade, Identity and Access Management solutions for both digital and physical access controls. 

OARO is trusted by

Accredited & Compliant

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 27001

GDPR Compliant

eIDAS Compliant

GDPR Compliant

OARO is an accredited third-party Trust Service Provider (TSP), under the European Parliament regulation No. 910/2014. Our services are fully compliant with eIDAS and GDPR regulations. We never store files, biometric data, or any other Personal Identifying Information on a blockchain.

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