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Air Canada

The aviation industry strives to reduce the friction of daily travel, whether by shortening the time from airport arrival to the plane seat or easing stress during check-in, immigration, and security processes. The ultimate goal has always been to provide passengers with more time to enjoy airport services such as VIP lounges, hospitality, and shopping.

In collaboration with OARO's cutting-edge Blockchain-based technology, Air Canada passengers are offered faster and hassle-free access, all from the convenience of their mobile phones. The new biometric and facial recognition technology will be implemented at both Vancouver and Pearson International Airports, with plans to expand to other selected Canadian airports and Maple Leaf Lounges. All data is fully encrypted, requires passenger approval on the day of travel, and is stored locally on the traveler's device for 36 hours.

  • Air Canada is Canada's flagship airline, founded in 1937.
  • With a modern fleet, it provides domestic and international flights, known for its high-quality service.
  • Headquartered in Montreal, the airline is committed to safety, comfort, and efficiency, serving as a benchmark in the global aviation industry.


Through smart contracts, an asset or commodity can be purchased from an authorized financial provider via Blockchain. At Agrotoken, they recognize the advantages of this technology and use our services to tokenize grain, turning it into a financial deposit that allows farmers to access their assets directly in currency, in collaboration with Banco Santander and OARO technology. Tokenized commodities are simply accounting units (or crypto tokens) administered on the Blockchain, providing enterprise-grade security and 100% authenticity.

OARO is partnering with global financial institutions to digitize and revolutionize commodities, from agricultural products like sugar, wheat, and coffee to energy, base, and precious metals. Our technology is powering a whole new way of trading.

  • Agrotoken is an innovative company dedicated to agricultural technology
  • It provides digital solutions to optimize crop management, enhance agricultural efficiency, and promote sustainability
  • Its modern approach drives progress and profitability in agriculture


OARO is working with WestJet to streamline the passenger identity verification process.

OARO is working with WestJet on the “Airport of the Future” project where they are introducing biometric boarding into the passenger journey.

OARO provides “ID Proofing” services where we allow the travelling guest to authenticate their ID document and perform a digital face matching service to ensure the customer is truly the person shown on the ID document

With the recent impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic, airlines and airports are accelerating their digital strategies to ensure health and safety are at the forefront of operations. This includes advancing Digital Identity (DID) strategies where passengers can register and confirm their identity, and travel eligibility, while they are still in the comfort of their own home.

  • Second largest Canadian Airline serving Canada coast-to-coast.
  • The airline carried 19.5M passengers annually pre-pandemic.

Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF)

Eliminated paper tickets while improving the fan experience.

The RFEF had historically provided tickets in PDF form via an online portal, which posed a myriad of problems. The tickets had to be printed at home and were easy to counterfeit. This caused confusion at entry gates, and scalpers were buying large blocks of tickets and then dramatically raising prices. The RFEF wanted a solution that would deliver greater control over ticket distribution, create a better fan experience, and eliminate paper tickets.

OARO implemented a solution that digitized each ticket as a unique asset tracked by a private blockchain, administered through a user-friendly app. Each ticket included a unique access code immediately prior to the event, which meant zero duplication of tickets. Best of all, the entire solution was integrated with the RFEF’s existing sales channel. They now have oversight of all ticket transfers, no counterfeit tickets, and a fan entry experience that is completely seamless

  • Governing body for football in Spain
  • Oversees 21,148 clubs and more than 1M players
  • Responsible for ticketing for major competitions including the European Championships qualifying rounds and World Cup matches

Space of Sound

Cutting-edge technology for musical events.

One of Spain's most popular nightclubs, Space of Sound, offers exclusive experiences with prestigious guest DJs weekly. Space of Sound not only manages events but ensures that attendees enjoy a unique night—from the exclusive and personalized ticket for each user to restricted access designed for groups seeking a more personalized experience. To achieve all this, they required Web3 ticketing technology and a Smart Ticket that enables controlled access to different areas, secure and transparent resale, and the ability to receive real-time promotions and experiences before, during, and after the event.

OARO provides the latest version of the most advanced Smart Ticketing platform available. With options for both sale and resale, controlled traceability, real-time notifications, secure access with optional biometrics, and at a lower cost for the brand compared to conventional ticketing platforms, offering less than half of the usual features.

  • Space of Sound is a leading entertainment and events company, specializing in creating unique musical experiences. Based in Madrid, Spain, it has established a legacy through cutting-edge events that blend electronic music, art, and technology, captivating global audiences.


The prominent Italian football club, Parma, offers exclusive experiences in their weekly local matches with prestigious guests. Parma ensures that attendees have a unique experience, from exclusive tickets to restricted access for personalized groups. In pursuit of this, they sought Web3 ticketing technology and a Smart Ticket to enable controlled access, secure and transparent resale, and real-time information on promotions and experiences before, during, and after events.

OARO introduces its latest Smart Ticketing platform, featuring options for sale and resale, controlled traceability, real-time notifications, and secure access, including optional biometrics. All of this comes at a lower cost compared to traditional platforms, providing less than half of the options.

  • Parma Calcio 1913, based in Parma, Italy,
  • Football club with a rich history since its foundation in 1913
  • With involvement in national and international competitions, the club has achieved notable successes.