Case Study

Saint John Airport

An elegant secure-entry solution for airport employees and contractors

Saint John Airport has long been recognized as one of Canada’s most innovative flight hubs. As a growing polestar of Eastern transport, the executive team has focused on putting into place systems that can scale as the airport grows. As it is for all airports, but especially small ones, security is a top priority, but so is maintaining an agile workflow. OARO offered a seamless solution. Leveraging the latest facial recognition hardware, combined with blockchain cybersecurity, Saint John was able to implement a system where authorized employees only had to approach a secure door, and face into a camera in order to gain access.

OARO’s technology recognizes full-motion video, so would-be criminals can’t gain access using high-resolution photographs. Lost or stolen swipe cards are a non-issue. Each user is authenticated in real-time, and a tamper-proof record of their access is stored. The result is an easily scalable, entirely secure system that improves both safety and efficiency.

About the Client

OARO creates highly secure, enterprise-grade, Identity and Access Management solutions for both digital and physical access controls.