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We are pleased to announce some of our new clients.

Verify People

Arc Clean Energy - Client - OARO

Arc Clean Energy

The race to save the planet. ARC has solutions.
GlaxoSmithKline - Client - OARO


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) tracks all steps in the quality control process electronically, using OARO COMPLY.
Saint John Airport - Client - OARO

Saint John Airport

OARO’s technology enables an elegant secure-entry solution for airport employees and contractors.

Instituto Electoral Mexico

OARO has partnered with the Mexican Government to provide biometrics to help significantly reduce election fraud, which can be a challenge for the Mexican elections.

Air Canada

We have signed a Global 5-year deal with Air Canada focused on rolling out a seamless/ ticketless travel solution. Our strategy is to implement this first of a kind market leading solution in the aviation sector as we look for OARO to become a leading global provider of ticketless travel solutions to the aviation industry.

Verify Things

Evolution Sports

The Spanish league is joining the blockchain world through launching an OARO NFT ticketing solution. Through OARO’s digital ticketing technology, we are able to virtually eliminate fraud, counterfeit ticketing. With our partner Evolution Sports we will be deploying our digital ticketing system initially to 400 football stadiums, with options to grow with Evolutions Sports over time to even more locations.


Digital art is experiencing a growth spurt in Latin America thanks to the rise of NFTs that encourage new and established artists to reach the world with their art. In a decentralized but at the same time secure way, blockchain technology grants an unalterable property certificate. BAG (Blockchain Art Gallery) together with OARO, combined in its first launch in an art NFT marketplace, creating a broad community base where contemporary art can be experienced and enjoyed freely, without economic or social bias.


NFTs are not just collectibles or digital art. As the world moves into a digitized era, the wine world is steadily entering the NFT Platform. We have designed and built a NFT Wine marketplace for a leading Argentinian vineyard. Wine is one of the best-performing alternative assets. Wine outperformed the stock markets, real estate, classical art, which has about 240% growth over a ten-year period. Wine NFTs can represent a cultural value (like an exclusive or limited-edition piece of art), but they also have a commercial value; as such, they can be resold if the market determines their value has increased.


Bit2Me is the first cryptocurrency platform to be officially recognized by the Bank of Spain. Through OARO’s NFT technology, we have launched a decentralized finance marketplace that avoids intermediaries between you and your money. It reduces risks and costs, and improves the user's privacy and security.
Hogaris - Client - OARO


OARO is creating a non‐fungible asset platform to provide liquidity to the Amazon land sale market for Hogaris.
Space of Sound NFT Marketplace - Client - OARO

Space of Sound

It is one thing to see it and another to experience it. An experience without limits. OARO developed the NFT Ticketing Marketplace for Space of Sound.
Heros Lineage - Client - OARO

Heros Lineage

Heroes Lineage is a fantasy themed Multiplayer RPG NFT game with strong focus on strategic combat and group content for guilds. OARO delivered the NFT technology to make this a reality.

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