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Financial Services

OARO is working with global financial institutions to digitise and revolutionise commodities trading.

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Tokenised assets makes the Financial Services sector more efficient & improves the way assets and services are traded.

Increased Cost Efficiency

Blockchain offers increased efficiencies by offering a layer of trust, and greatly reducing transaction costs by avoiding the involvement of a central third party to keep track of and verify assets & transactions

Reduces Risk

Using smart contracts on a decentralised Blockchain simplifies agreements between all parties, thus eliminating the experience of costly banks making transactions between untrusting parties

Fraud-Proof & Secure

Blockchains are famous for their enterprise-grade security, IT & access management. Digital assets & tokenisation can not be forged, so all parties can be 100% confident that every unit is real

Democratised Access 

Tokenisation cuts down barriers to access FS markets, allowing people to trade & invest in a frictionless way, irrespective of an investor/assets location & with far reduced minimum capital requirements. 

As a recruiter, you may not be able to find the future employee you are looking for with a generic business degree listed, but someone who has specifically taken a negotiation course in combination with business finance might better fit the profile of the candidate you want.

How it Works

Financial Services

Our NFT and Blockchain technology underpins the tokenisation of commodities, from agriculture and precious metals to CFDs, Derivatives & Futures trading.

Tokenisation of Commodities

Tokenised commodities are simply accounting units (or crypto tokens) that are administered on the Blockchain – that allows enterprise grade security and 100% authenticity.

Asset Ownership

The process (smart contract) attaches legal ownership of real-world assets, like Gold or Grain, to a crypto token.

These tokens can represent any type of paper instrument used to trade commodities


Tokenisation of commodities creates a number of advantages over traditional methods of trading, including security, cost efficiencies, increased liquidity & flexible finance options across all asset classes.

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