OARO and the Royal Spanish Football Federation announce its NFT Collection

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The RFEF presents its collection of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) through the technology and digital platforms of the Spanish-Canadian company OARO, specialized in the use of blockchain in the field of security. The agreement will allow fans of the Spanish National Team and soccer lovers in general, to acquire tokens of the competitions of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, as well as historical moments of the National Team.

On the platform created by OARO for the RFEF, collectors and fans will be able to buy, sell and auction the different collections of NFTs offered by the Federation. In addition, OARO’s blockchain network is a global benchmark in terms of energy efficiency, with the guarantee that using this technology will not have any negative environmental impact.

NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are digital assets based on a technology that delimits the ownership of a digital file univocally, this means that, when a user acquires a digital asset with NFT technology, the ownership codes are cryptographically stored in a blockchain network for authentication and validation. It is like an immutable record of who owns a digital asset, allowing that user to guarantee authenticity and prove ownership, enabling them to transact with that property.

The RFEF aims to attract not only soccer and sports fans in general, but also followers of new technologies and investments. This agreement allows a new way of understanding collecting with an easy and secure process, where any fan will be able to start their first collection of NFTs in minutes.

In the coming weeks, the different lines of NFT collections of the Royal Spanish Football Federation will be announced.

For OARO, this agreement allows it to present its platforms for the generation, development and commercialization of NFTs, strengthening its position as one of the world’s leading companies in the development of specific products for the market, based on the added value provided by the use of blockchain technology within the framework of security.

OARO, is a global provider of digital identity and access management, document management, ticket authentication and NFT development solutions that is revolutionizing the way in which many leading public and private sector organizations face their digital transformation using various technologies such as: biometrics, cryptography, NFTs, artificial intelligence and blockchain.



“RFEF and OARO started their collaboration 2 years ago by using blockchain technology in the management and security of the Ticketing of our matches.

With this new agreement, and thanks to the evolution of OARO’s blockchain technology, the RFEF will become a reference in innovation and commercialization of NFTs.

RFEF’s own NFTs platform by OARO will allow us to get closer to all Spanish soccer fans who will be able to collect or invest in absolutely unique pieces that are the history of our soccer.”

Ruben Rivera

Marketing Director at RFEF

“Launching the first NFTs platform in Spain and hand in hand with the RFEF I think it is a historic change in the way of sharing and collecting unique moments of our official teams and players, in a different project where we have sought to take care of even the smallest detail about each of the NFTs.

At OARO we have been in production for more than 3 years with our blockchain network where we have proven how we can take advantage of the great benefits of blockchain technology without the need for high energy costs and being environmentally friendly, something that concerned both entities.”

Ariano Hernandez

Founder & CTO at OARO