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After a 4 year wait, the FIFA World Cup is finally underway.

The tournament is of course steeped in controversy, but politics aside, from a logistics and ticketing point of view it’s still a mammoth undertaking – given that nearly 2 million international fans have travelled to Qatar. Security, ID and ticket verification are just some of the complexities for Qatari organisers – not to mention fraud. The recent UEFA Champions League Final in Paris was marred by severe ticketing problems causing many fans to miss the match and significant safety issues.

So how could this have been prevented? And how can Blockchain technology help make this year’s World Cup a safer, and even better user experience for fans?

Pilar Troncoso, OARO’s VP & Brand Ambassador explains, “The key advantages of OARO’s NFT/Blockchain ticketing solution is that for fans it provides enhanced security and versatility in payments – whilst at the same time creating a great overall experience. Fans have the added benefit of knowing NFT tickets are 100% real and authentic – something that wasn’t the case in Paris. As a fan, there’s nothing worse than knowing the ticket you hold may not be genuine.”

For businesses, NFT ticketing generates new revenue streams, prevents fraud, and increases security. The Blockchain & API technology is easy to integrate so the time to market is accelerated with new ways to communicate with the end user, whilst also ensuring complete transparency by tracking each ticket. Businesses can also set up a personalised dashboard with an “administration” profile to help establish the selling and distribution rules.

And it’s not just sports fans who can benefit. NFT Blockchain tech can be applied across different verticals, and with OARO it’s already in use across Aviation, Travel, Retail, Government and Financial Services.

In fact, OARO has recently partnered with global banking giants Santander, and tokenisation platform Agrotoken, to power the world’s first loans secured by NFT tokens related to agricultural commodities. By utilising tokenised digital assets, it allows the agriculture workforce to easily access a whole new system of loans, whilst also expanding credit usage and capacity.

Find out more about how OARO is helping businesses around the globe in creating secure and frictionless experiences.

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29th November 2022