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Why OARO Admit?

We work with sports teams, athletic federations, and large-scale venues interested in ensuring their fans and supporters have the best possible experience. With OARO ADMIT, physical scalping becomes impossible and unauthorized resales are tracked and prevented, giving your venue a clear line of sight into each and every person who steps through your doors.

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How it Works

User accesses camera via SMS web link or insurer's app
Certificate is issued with an unfakeable record of user ID, content, timestamp, and GPS coordinates
User accesses camera via SMS web link or insurer's app
User accesses camera via SMS web link or insurer's app


Personalized offers for food & beverage, merchandise, and parking can be pushed in real-time

Integrated with existing mobile ticketing apps and embeddable within partner websites

Improved customer identity data display via an analytics dashboard

Improved customer experience through the elimination of printing and physical ticket losses

Compatible with existing venue hardware supporting barcodes and QR codes

Eliminated risk of reputational damage associated with counterfeit

Based on OpenAPI standards, our REST API connects to your authorized vendors with a few lines of code

Case Study

Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF)

Eliminated paper tickets while improving the fan experience

The RFEF had historically provided tickets in PDF form via an online portal, which posed a myriad of problems. The tickets had to be printed at home and were easy to counterfeit. This caused confusion at entry gates, and scalpers were buying large blocks of tickets and then dramatically raising prices. The RFEF wanted a solution that would deliver greater control over ticket distribution, create a better fan experience, and eliminate paper tickets.

OARO implemented a solution that digitized each ticket as a unique asset tracked by a private blockchain, administered through a user-friendly app. Each ticket included a unique access code immediately prior to the event, which meant zero duplication of tickets. Best of all, the entire solution was integrated with the RFEF’s existing sales channel. They now have oversight of all ticket transfers, no counterfeit tickets, and a fan entry experience that is completely seamless

About the Client

OARO creates highly secure, enterprise-grade, Identity and Access Management solutions for both digital and physical access controls. 

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