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OARO is working with global airlines and worldwide airports to digitise and revolutionise the way we travel.

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Tokenised airline tickets and advanced ID technology on the blockchain makes the Aviation sector more efficient & improves the way both airlines operate and passengers travel.

The NFTs applied to the sale of airline tickets, assure the primary and secondary buyer the originality and validity of the ticket, and ensure profits in each change of ownership.

Cost Efficiency

Blockchain offers increased efficiencies by offering a layer of trust, and greatly reduces transaction costs by avoiding the involvement of a central third party to keep track of and verify airline tickets & ID.

Reduces Risk

Using smart contracts on a decentralised Blockchain simplifies passenger to vendor agreements between all parties, thus eliminating the experience of costly 3rd parties

Fraud-Proof & Secure

Blockchains are famous for their enterprise-grade security, IT & access management. Digital assets & tokenisation can not be forged, so all parties can be 100% confident that every airline ticket and ID is real and authenticated.

Democratised Access 

Tokenisation cuts down barriers for the aviation industry, allowing airlines and airports to provide frictionless experience for their passengers, with far reduced minimum capital requirements.

OARO's Passenger Experiences will change it all!

Seemless Airport Experience

Our Aviation technology underpins the tokenisation of tickets and advanced ID tech – so that passengers are awarded a frictionless experience when travelling.

From curb-side to the departure gate – forget the stress of ID, immigration and security.

Tokenisation of Travel

Tokenised NFT airline tickets on blockchain are 100% unique, secure, indestructible, and come complete with an audit trail of authenticity.

Get fast access to lounges, retail and hospitality – all from your smartphone.

Ticket Ownership

The process attaches legal ownership of airline tickets, to a crypto token. These tokens can be resold , with profits applied to each seller and the original vendor.


Tokenisation of airline tickets creates a number of advantages over traditional methods of ticking, including security, cost efficiencies, profitability for each seller and 100% authenticity.

How It Works

Using advanced blockchain technology, a traveller can purchase an airline ticket and be verified with ID biometrics by simply using their mobile.

Upon purchase, a unique indestructible NFT (non-fungible token) is created that explicitly links the traveller with the airline ticket.

The process is 100% cryptographically secure, eliminates fraud and comes with ultra low transaction cost.

The passenger now legally owns the tokenised airline ticket, and can either keep it, or sell it – with the original vendor also able to make a profit each time.

At the airport, a passenger can use ID biometrics that are linked to the NFT airline ticket to gain frictionless access through security to lounges and boarding gates – all via their mobile phone.

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