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OARO Eco-NFTs will change it all.

Whether it’s creating memorable and innovative fan experiences, or producing limited edition digital collectibles, our Eco-NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are quite simply revolutionising the way we interact with brands – and with practically zero environmental impact.



An NFT is like a certificate of authenticity; it is a unique blockchain-based digital identifier that verifies the digital asset is unique (non-fungible).

The OARO ECO-NFT is powered by OARO’s own private blockchain cloud platform, one of the world’s most eco-friendly blockchains. 

OARO’s NFT proposition is driven by our same best in class blockchain technology with innovative applications in:
We are working with global airlines and worldwide airports to digitize and revolutionize the way we travel.
Assure the primary and secondary buyer the originality and validity of the ticket, and ensures profits in each change of ownership, thanks to the support of OARO Eco-NFT’s blockchain technology
Provisioning of NFT marketplaces including Gaming
We provide the tools and the complete system so that video game creation studios and others can implement gaming and monetization functionalities based on NFTs such as "play to earn".
Financial Services
We are working with global financial institutions to power a whole new way of trading.
OARO is partnering with elite sports teams from around the world to create a much closer and immersive experience with their favourite teams.
Our tried-and-tested blockchain technology ensures our NFT diplomas can be easily created and securely exchanged

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